James H. Woodall, Esq.

Prior to becoming a family law attorney, James H. Woodall, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and worked for several years in the oil industry on an off-shore drilling rig. Looking for a more competitive work environment, Mr. Woodall attended law school at the University of Utah, where he graduated second in his class. He was Editor of the Utah Law Review. He was admitted to the Utah State Bar in 1988. He clerked on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has practiced law in Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming as well. Although Mr. Woodall has practice in multiple areas of the law and has handled tens of thousands of default-related matters, Mr. Woodall now confines his practice to family law.


Mr. Woodall’s nearly thirty years of experience make him a formidable attorney in the courtroom. He has substantial experience in complex divorce matters including high-asset and high-income cases. His attention to detail is paralleled by few. Mr. Woodall enjoys working. He works holidays and weekends. On Fridays, he has been known to quip, “just two more work days until Monday.”


Mr. Woodall is a retired from the rank of Full Colonel after twenty-two years of service in the Utah National Guard. He is intimately familiar with issues unique to military divorces and military retirement. Although he has retired from the Guard, his service for military families continues.


Mr. Woodall has been named by Utah Business Magazine as one of Utah’s Legal Elites for six consecutive years. He is a licensed title and escrow agent, Member of the Real Property and Family Law sections of the Utah State Bar and formerly a Bar Examiner. If you are searching for an elite family law attorney, look no further than Mr. Woodall.

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